Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Check out some of our activities for our Valentine's Day Discovery session. This was our first session for 2016, and we were rushed off our feet making something for someone we love.

Love bugs in a jar - thanks Pinterest.

I found these glow sticks in the art resource room.

Marble heart art. 

 'You Rock' cards.

The best things about these Valentine crafts is that they are low cost! Something we try to keep in mind when you are planning activities for 70 plus children.

It was great today to see the children working hard and making choices about what they want to make and what skills they want to practise. We try to provide activities that promote fine motor and practical skills. As well as things that are appealing and exciting for the children to experience.


Introducing the Amazing Apple Cutter!


We had a great time peeling, cutting, and eating apples on Friday. After eating our apples we experimented with apple prints. Take a look:

Inside the lunch boxes are photos of the children eating their apple.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Capital E Arts Festival Trip

Yesterday the whole of our Junior Syndicate traveled into Wellington to see three amazing shows as part of the Capital E Arts Festival. First up we saw Carnival of the Animals, a fantastic acrobatic circus performance.

After our guide escorted us to Te Papa Museum we enjoyed a quick morning tea before seeing...

 And after lunch we walked through town to Paramount Theatre and the children danced to Orchestra of the Spheres.

It was such a busy day that on the bus ride home I counted 3 children fast asleep!

Monday, 9 March 2015

The Book With No Pictures

We visited PJ on the Library bus today, and he read us this hilarious book at the end of our session. The children could not stop laughing!

We visit the Library Bus three times a term and the children have an opportunity to issue a book to take home. Because this is a public library service they need an Upper Hutt Library card.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Beautiful Bubble Art

These amazing artworks are currently up on the wall in Room 4. 

The children created their bubble art by using a straw to blow hundreds of bubbles with bubble mixture and dye into a tall cup. When the bubbles overflowed the top of the cup they placed their paper on top to pop the bubbles and transfer the pattern to the paper. It can be rather a messy activity, but I was very impressed that everyone managed to blow the bubbles through the straw and not suck them up!

We have also been blowing real bubbles with our S-Block buddies, writing about bubble blowing, and reading poems and stories about bubbles.

Check out these posts about other bubble art activities I have completed with previous classes:


Children's Day 2015

The first Sunday in March is Children's Day. We celebrated a little early and the children discovered how special they are for our Discovery Children's Day session. 

One very popular activity was eating an ice-cream cone - I told the children it was a gift from our Principal Mr Webby for being so fantastic!

I didn't get the photo of the Prince or Princess for a Day crowns the children made, but I hope they remembered to wear them on Sunday. (My child did!)

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day 2015

This week we discovered about Valentines Day and explored about how to show others that we care about them. 

 We made love bug bookmarks with our thumbprints. Click for a pdf.

My youngest son and I went out the other night and collected small stones and the children used them to show someone special that 'you rock!' Click for a pdf.

We made delicious waffles with maple syrup. Luckily my waffle machine makes a waffle that you can split into 5 hearts.

We made bead bracelets to give away.

And we used marbles to make these cool heart paintings to take home.

I was really pleased to have 9 new children come today for their first discovery session, it is always exciting to meet new children and see younger siblings of previous students finally come to school. We encourage parents or caregivers to come along to our Discovery sessions with their children (at least for the first few sessions). So today was very busy! 

We call our pre-school visitors Mountaineers and they have between 7 and 10 visits before they start school. Our Discovery sessions are only until 10.30, but for our Mountaineer's last 3 visits they stay longer and participate in a normal classroom programme. We have found that by the time our Mountaineers turn 5 they are ready for school and confident and excited about starting.