Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Beautiful Bubble Art

These amazing artworks are currently up on the wall in Room 4. 

The children created their bubble art by using a straw to blow hundreds of bubbles with bubble mixture and dye into a tall cup. When the bubbles overflowed the top of the cup they placed their paper on top to pop the bubbles and transfer the pattern to the paper. It can be rather a messy activity, but I was very impressed that everyone managed to blow the bubbles through the straw and not suck them up!

We have also been blowing real bubbles with our S-Block buddies, writing about bubble blowing, and reading poems and stories about bubbles.

Check out these posts about other bubble art activities I have completed with previous classes:


Children's Day 2015

The first Sunday in March is Children's Day. We celebrated a little early and the children discovered how special they are for our Discovery Children's Day session. 

One very popular activity was eating an ice-cream cone - I told the children it was a gift from our Principal Mr Webby for being so fantastic!

I didn't get the photo of the Prince or Princess for a Day crowns the children made, but I hope they remembered to wear them on Sunday. (My child did!)

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day 2015

This week we discovered about Valentines Day and explored about how to show others that we care about them. 

 We made love bug bookmarks with our thumbprints. Click for a pdf.

My youngest son and I went out the other night and collected small stones and the children used them to show someone special that 'you rock!' Click for a pdf.

We made delicious waffles with maple syrup. Luckily my waffle machine makes a waffle that you can split into 5 hearts.

We made bead bracelets to give away.

And we used marbles to make these cool heart paintings to take home.

I was really pleased to have 9 new children come today for their first discovery session, it is always exciting to meet new children and see younger siblings of previous students finally come to school. We encourage parents or caregivers to come along to our Discovery sessions with their children (at least for the first few sessions). So today was very busy! 

We call our pre-school visitors Mountaineers and they have between 7 and 10 visits before they start school. Our Discovery sessions are only until 10.30, but for our Mountaineer's last 3 visits they stay longer and participate in a normal classroom programme. We have found that by the time our Mountaineers turn 5 they are ready for school and confident and excited about starting.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Easy Marble Hearts

 We used shaving cream and paint to make these hearts, it's easy marbling for kids. The children were very impressed to see the marble pattern and it is always a nice surprise for them to see what they have created.

Squirt shaving cream into a shallow tray, drop on a few blobs of paint (we used red and a little blue), swirl it around, gently push the paper on top then peel it off carefully, use an ice-cream container lid to scrape of the paint and shaving cream and reveal the marble pattern. 

We did both sides of the paper which was little messy and I made sure to use extra thick cartridge paper.

I've done this paint activity before, you can check it out here if you want instructions with pictures.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Welcome Back

Welcome back to school, I just wanted to show something amazing that one of my 5 year olds created last week.

This fantastic Lego aeroplane. 

I put the Lego out as one of our writing activities of the children to explore during a writing session. Lego encourages fine motor skills, problem solving, and creativity, all skills children need for school. We have been very lucky and have been given different Lego bits and pieces, but we are always on the hunt for more!


Monday, 1 December 2014

Give a Little For Callum

Callum was in my class last year and is now seriously ill again after defeating cancer as an infant. Please think of Callum and his family.

Cat and Bird Art

 Cat and Bird (1928) Paul Klee

Our amazing Cat and Bird art is up in the office. I was inspired by this post at Rumriver Art Center. We used paint rolled on with a roller, vivid marker, and pastel.

I really enjoy mixed media art projects with children, and Paul Klee is great inspiration. I used Paul Klee's Senecio portrait as a model for some amazing self portraits that I created with my class last year. Thanks to Use Your Coloured Pencils.