Friday, 23 September 2011

La Grenouille - The Frog

As part of our Rugby World Cup Inquiry Unit we studied France. The children were fascinated to discover that people eat frog legs in France. This inspired shared reading (well.... singing) of frog poetry, a shared book about the life-cycle of a frog, and and some fantastic frog headbands with incredibly long tongues that we created as part of our French Day celebrations. 
We *heart* headbands in Room 1.

This frog headband is a super simple paper-craft activity.

You need: sellotape, stapler, scissors, a long strip of paper for the headband, a frog picture, and a smaller strip of red or pink paper for the tongue.

I found a picture of a frog from the internet. I photocopied it onto coloured card, but you could just colour it in. Crayon and dye would look great too.

Cut out the frog (practicing those very important cutting skills), and then cut one end of the frog's tongue so the end is curved like a real tongue.

Sellotape the tongue onto the frog's mouth so that it sticks up, don't worry it will curve down to hang over the front of the frog.

 Measure the headband by placing it around the child's head, then carefully take it off and staple it. I place the stapler so that the flat part of the staple is against the child's hair (on the inside of the headband). That way it won't get caught on any hair.

Staple the frog onto the headband. 
Voila! A French Frog Headband!

 You can also curl the frog's tongue for extra real-life frogginess.

Most of the 5 year olds I worked with were able to do this activity independently, with only some help needed for stapling and measuring the headband.

Here are some of the other ideas we used in our teaching syndicate for amazing French themed art and craft for our French Day celebrations:

A rooster hat.

Paper plate snails.

Sunflower collage.

A popsicle stick Eiffel Tower.

And French Flag/Eiffel Tower crayon and dye art.

Some facts about France that we learned:
  • The rooster the the French national bird.
  • The French flag is blue, white, and red, it is known as the French Tricolour.
  • They eat snails and frogs legs in France.
  • Paris is the capital city.
  • The Eiffel Tower is in Paris.
  • They love to play rugby in France.

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  1. I was looking for ways to introduce France to my five year-old. These are great ideas. Thanks for sharing...I'll certainly be doing some of these (definitely the flags)!