Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Button Snake

Another fun reading activity we enjoy in Room 1 is 'The Button Snake'. I was inspired after seeing this post.

I like this activity as it involves a practical skill (using buttons), it strengthens fingers as children practice this fine motor skill, and it is an alphabet activity (recognising and ordering letters). I used about a metre of ribbon and stitched a button on each end. As I'm not a super skillful sewer (buttons and hems are my limit), I used rectangles of felt and cut a slit for the buttonhole. I then stuck on sticky foam letters, one for each of the letter of the alphabet. You could sew on letters or embroider them.

 We use this activity as one of our reading activities, the children button on the letters in alphabetical order or use the letters to make a ribbon snake of sight words.

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