Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

For our Mountaineers Discovery session this week we discovered all about birds.The children had a fantastic time exploring a range of activities, including making the cutest little chicks hatching out of their eggs and creating some very colourful birds with beautiful tail feathers.

You know things are successful when you spy kids in the playground playing with their creations at lunch time.

Here are some of our hungry chicks waiting for a delicious wiggly worm.

  A chick in progress - some very careful gluing is evident.

 This beautiful bird is keeping warm in her nest of newspaper. We used coloured card for our birds and drew on the eyes and beak (you could use googly eyes too). I precut the card in to a half circle and the children stapled it in to a cone, then sellotaped on the feathers.

Another activity involved sorting and matching coloured photocopies of stamps of New Zealand endangered native birds. 
I have put copies of the stamps I used on my Printables Page.

We also had a couple of magnifying glasses out. The kids loved using these to take careful notice of small details.

We practiced walking like a 'moa' on our Bird Feet (aka Monster Stompers).

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