Tuesday, 13 September 2011


To celebrate the return of spring we made these cheerful collaged daffodils. Our poem for the week was ‘Daffodowndilly’ by A A Milne. The children really enjoyed reading the poem and discussing the images that the poet was trying to make us imagine.  So, by the time Friday arrived we were more than ready to make our own daffodils.

We used orange and yellow cupcake cases(from the $2 Shop), a large one for the daffodils sun-bonnet, a small one for her yellow (or orange) head, and a green pipe cleaner for the daffodils green gown, all accessorised with green leaves drawn on in crayon. 

I displayed our daffodils with a copy of the poem; the laminated version goes into our poetry basket to be read during reading time. The children really enjoy being able to read the poems by themselves and will often use the ‘magic wand’ to point to the words as they read to their classmates.

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