Monday, 3 October 2011

Fraction Pizza Shop

This term as part of our Maths Fractions Unit we have been running a pizza shop.

Our delicious pizza menu consisted of:
  • paper plate pizza with tasty tissue paper toppings, 
  • gorgeous playdough pizza (see here for my playdough recipe), 
  • coloured in paper pizza
  • for dessert we served fresh oranges, fairy bread, and a tasty paper cake with our favourite foam sticker lollies.
By the end of the term we have become experts at cutting our pizza into halves and quarters.

Paper plate pizza for sale, available in halves and quarters.

Our cutting and knife skills have really improved this term. These practical skills are an important part of developing self-management skills and independence. Knowing where to put your thumb and fingers when using scissors, how to turn and manipulate the paper, and being able to cut along a line are skills that need to be taught and practiced repeatedly. Using a knife to spread topping and cut food is another practical skill that we will continue to practice. I love the meaningfulness of preparing food to eat and share with each other as part of our learning.

Today, after 10 weeks of anticipation we finally made real pizza.

Here is our recipe:
  • Pita bread (for the bases)
  • Tomato puree
  • Ham
  • Salami
  • Cheese
  • Red pepper
  • Cherry tomatoes
  1. Spread the tomato puree over the pizza base.
  2. Carefully place on your toppings, making sure they are shared out fairly.
  3. Cook the pizza for about 15 minutes in a medium oven.

Waiting to be cooked.

Now for the fun part.....

Cut up your pizza into halves and quarters, making sure it is shared out fairly between you and your partner. Quickly eat it before it gets too cold.

We have also been reading some pizza poems, 'How to Make a Pizza' by Eve Merriam and 'Pizza, Pizza' (Poet unknown).

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