Friday, 9 December 2011

Super Santa Faces

We made these Santa decorations for our Christmas tree yesterday. I had to wait until today to post a picture of them as we used sellotape to hold the hats on while our glue dried.
(You can see our Peg Angels in the background.)

You need; ribbon, polystyrene balls, marker pen, cotton wool balls, red foam paper (I got mine from the $2 Shop), and glue. (Plus a little sellotape.)

We drew on Santa's eyes with our marker pen, glued on the cotton wool ball to make Santa's fluffy white beard, sellotaped the ribbon on the back of Santa's head, and then used glue to attach Santa's red hat (made from a triangle of red foam paper with a small piece of cotton wool ball glued on top). I love how some children carefully drew on Santa's eyelashes.

We will be reading this Christmas poetry before the end of the school year:

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