Wednesday, 4 April 2012


We made our Carrot Tree and explored other Easter themed activities for Discovery this week. It was our last Mountaineers session for most of our visitors - they turn 5 during the holidays and will start school at the beginning of Term 2. I'm looking forward to having them join my class.  

How to Make a Carrot Tree for the Easter Bunny.

Find a large branch and put it in a pot of sand, cover the sand with glass nuggets, and make a sign so everyone knows who the Carrot Tree is for.

Cut out carrot shapes from orange card.

Use a hole punch to put a hole in the top if the carrot. Then thread green ribbon or string through the hole.

Tie the carrot to the branch.

Put your tree where the Easter Bunny will see it and wait until Easter Sunday (then you may find something delicious under your tree). We put our tree in front of the window for everyone to admire.

If you're lucky the Easter Bunny might visit with Easter eggs for you like he did for us. Yum!

 Check out the rest of the Easter activities we enjoyed:
Easter egg hiding with the little containers from kinder surprise eggs. Some children spent nearly the whole session hiding and hunting out eggs together.

Thumb bunny cards from here. So cute!

Colouring Easter eggs from Sparklebox.

Chocolate playdough. See my previous post here.

Easter bunny paper plate craft.

 Egg shaped resist art with white crayon and dye.

Bunny tangrams from here.

We have also been reading these Easter poems.

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