Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Snowflakes are our friends
They descend when winter comes
Making white blankets
By Kaitlyn Guenther

I have my fingers crossed that we will have snow at school again this year (but it seems unlikely). So we have been reading this beautiful haiku together this week to get us in the mood for winter. I love the picture my mind creates when I read this, and the children in my class were able to imagine their own mind picture. One girl talked about how her mind saw the snow covering everything, "softy and fluffy, like a blanket".  
(Click here for a pdf of the poem.)

 We made paper snowflakes today to decorate the classroom with our descriptive winter words

I told the class that they had to make at least one snowflake for our classroom and any others they made they could take home. Some children enjoyed cutting and unfolding their snowflakes so much, they made one for each member of their family.

The great thing about this activity is the instant result, a few cuts and you have something quite pretty (or interesting) when you unfold your paper. The children felt successful, and that is something I love to encourage!

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