Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Better Breakfasts

Our Discovery session this week was all about better breakfasts. We had a great time making and tasting different breakfast foods. 

Milo - a fantastic New Zealand breakfast drink.

Toast with honey or vegemite.

Porridge with milk, brown sugar, and fruit. The porridge was slow cooked in the slow-cooker over night. Luckily today was a cold day - perfect porridge weather.

Banana and blueberry smoothies.

As the children tried each of the different breakfast dishes they collected a puzzle piece to complete our Totara Park Breakfast Club puzzle.

We were very lucky to have incredibly supportive parents who provided most of the ingredients for our breakfast. Thank you parents.

While making their breakfast the children were able to practise a range of real life skills; measuring, pouring, spreading with a knife, cutting, using a spoon, scooping, as well as the all important turn taking. Practising these real-life skills in a supportive environment enables the children become confident in their own abilities, fosters a feeling of independence, and helps them begin to care for themselves and others. We love to encourage this during Discovery and I was thrilled to see several children asking their friends if they wanted help, or reminding each other about the next step when making their hot milo, or showing others how to hold and use a knife correctly. 

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