Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Butterflies and Caterpillars

Our Discovery session today involved exploring caterpillars and the amazing process they go through to become butterflies. 

Check out some of our Discovery activities:

Matching butterfly wings on the interactive whiteboard, we used this website.

 Butterfly collage with tissue paper and sequins. 

 Butterfly and caterpillar chalk drawing on the concrete outside our classrooms.

 Smallest to largest cutting and pasting.

 Caterpillar necklace threading.

 Dot-to-dots, I encourage the children to use a ruler for this dot-to-dot, it is quite a tricky skill to learn.

 Cute fingerprint caterpillar wrist bands.

 Symmetrical butterfly painting. We discussed today how butterflies wings are the same on each side, like our faces - that makes them symmetrical.

Playdough caterpillars.

 Caterpillar and butterfly face painting. A fantastic mother of one of the children in my class came in today to paint the children's faces. The kids loved choosing their insect and its colours.

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