Thursday, 21 November 2013

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

We celebrated Mickey Mouse's birthday yesterday for Discovery, apparently he is 85 this year!

 Every party needs (playdough) birthday cakes and (real) candles, balloons, and of course Mickey was given lots of presents.

 We wrote cards for Mickey, and made mouse ear magic wands. One of my lovely parents gave us heaps of Disneyland themed paper plates and badges after her recent trip to Disneyland. The children had lots of fun setting the table ready for Mickey's party.
 We also had lots of fun painting mouse whiskers and making Mickey Mouse ears too. We were very lucky to have a parent stay and help out with the face painting. Lately we have had heaps of Mountaineers (our pre-school visitors) visiting us for our Discovery session, so it is fantastic to have some amazing parent help.

And in New Zealand a child's party is not complete without fairybread - bread, butter, and 100's and 1000's. Yum!

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