Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Valentine's Day

For Mountaineers we have been busy discovering all about Valentine's Day and how to tell people that we love them. 
Our Mountaineers Discovery sessions are a great way to welcome new pre-school visitors to school and provide them with a chance to explore all the exciting things and places we have at school. Our 4 year old visitors can have up to 10 visits before they start school, so by the time the big day arrives they are familiar with their new classroom, teacher, and classmates.

Here are some of the Valentine's themed activities we discovered:

We love reading and want everyone to know it so we made heart bookmarks using collage and foam paper. Thanks to this website for the idea.

We made heart shaped marble paintings.

We made hanging heart sun-catchers out of paper towels and dye to give to someone special. You can see the hole where I will tie the ribbon.

We made beaded bracelets to give to someone we love with heart shaped beads and pipe-cleaners.

We used pink play-dough to make love hearts and models of people we love.

Plus - we had a great time using the toys hired from the Toy Library. Over the session I saw several groups of children having a great time hitting the ball with the mallet. This was a great activity that allowed children to attempt a new game using equipment and techniques they may have not attempted before.

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