Monday, 13 February 2012

Yum, Watermelon

 Check out our watermelon art. We practiced our cutting and gluing skills and made these watermelon to celebrate Summer. Thanks to this site for the idea.

 We cut strips of pink and green paper to practice our cutting skills.

Then we glued our squares of paper on to a paper plate.

Before we made our slices of watermelon, we practiced reading this poem about watermelon, and one morning I brought in a watermelon that we cut up together and explored its delicious sweet taste. We also wrote stories trying to persuade the children in the room next door to taste a piece of crunchy watermelon.

Here are some of our reasons:
  • Watermelon is healthy for you.
  • Watermelon is yummy.
  • Watermelon is like juice.
  • Watermelon is healthy.

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