Wednesday, 8 August 2012

From Greece to England - More Olympic Discovery

Last week we had a great time discovering about the Olympics. This week we learned about the Olympic torch traveling from Greece to England. Here is a selection of some of our favourite activities.

Check out our super simple Olympic torches - a small rectangle of black paper rolled into a cone shape, a yellow paper hand print, and a piece of red cellophane. This activity involved pencil work, hand-eye coordination, cutting, fine-motor skills, and using a stapler. Plus we had a great time taking our torch from Greece to England.

In Greece (Room 1) we dressed up in togas made from sheets of material and made a laurel camellia wreath, just like ancient Olympians. 

 In England (Room 4) we constructed double-decker buses - I love the little people some children drew riding their buses. 

 We also made Big Ben clocks, and an English Flag out of paper and pastel.

For Discovery we carefully select activities that allow children to practice a variety of skills. These can include using a pencil, cutting, gluing, social skills, self-discipline, sensory experiences, fine and large motor-skills, counting and number recognition, writing, reading, and plenty of other important skills children need for school. 

I view Discovery is an opportunity for children to participate in something they may not have experienced before, or to practice and refine skills that they are still learning. We also use our discovery sessions to welcome our pre-school visitors (Mountaineers) to school. This transition time allows children to participate in learning experiences that are run in a similar manner to kindy or pre-school sessions. 

Although planning for and running a discovery session is a lot of work, it is worth it. I love to see children working and helping others, sharing and taking turns, or sitting quietly working on an activity they choose to complete, and challenging themselves to learn something new.

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