Monday, 27 August 2012

Lovely Ladybugs

 Our ladybugs are too cute! We had a great time making them, and they look very eye-catching sitting on the windowsill. 

The stones needed several layers of red paint and it took a couple of afternoons to cover them with enough coats, next time I will prime them with proper primer before hand. We used black circle stickers for our ladybugs dots, and I used a water-based sealant over the ladybugs once they were finished.

This ladybug rock craft is part of our phonics programme for this week - 'ug' words. 

We have been learning to read and write 'ug' words, as the week went on it was great to see the children's confidence sounding out, reading, and writing these words improve. We have also also been reading this classic ladybug children's poem.

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