Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mini Beasts and Creepy Creatures

 We were very busy today exploring and discovering about the amazing world of mini beasts.

  We had lots of magnifying glasses available for the children to use as they got up close and personal to several dead and alive insects and spiders.

 We discovered that the snails leave a slimy trail and stick to glass and each other!

 We matched toy mini insects to line drawings using this Insect Match Up activity. (I got the idea for this activity from another blog but sadly I can't remember which one.)

We cut out praying mantis masks and practised snapping our arms out to catch a delicious fly for our morning tea. Yum!

We played 'Bugs and Buttons' on the ipads. (I love this app.)

We made butterflies using a butterfly stencil, old greeting cards, and bamboo skewers.

We looked carefully at pictures of real spiders, then coloured and cut out our own spiders for this giant web.
I was really impressed with the observation skills and very precise colouring shown during this activity. The children who choose it settled down and worked for at least 20 minutes; looking at the spider illustrations, colouring the spider almost exactly like the picture, and then cutting it out before folding the legs accordion-style. A great achievement for 5 year olds to complete with minimal teacher support.

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