Thursday, 15 November 2012

How to Draw a Bird

We have been learning how to draw a bird for our fundraising Calendar Art this year. Parents can purchase a calendar, diary, or greeting card, so I wanted our art to be very bright and eye-catching.

I used this post for inspiration, but we coloured in our birds with pastel and used dye and salt for the background.  This is the same method we used for our Swimming Self-Portraits and I could definitely see improvements with the children's pastel control and colouring technique.

The children had a great time carefully drawing their bird and I love the thoughtful colour selections that make each bird really stand out.

Although each child was taught how to draw the same bird, every bird is an individual, just like its artist.

Even though our birds aren't black we have also been reading (and singing) this classic children's song - Two Little Black Birds.

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