Friday, 2 November 2012

Our Huge Hanging Spiders

You had better look out when you come into Room 4! 

 Our huge hanging black spiders are out to get you with their pointy fangs and black dangling spider legs.

These paper plate spiders took us a couple of weeks to make. The black paint needed to be completely dry before we could staple on our black paper legs. We also wrote facts about spiders that I glued underneath their tummies, that way everyone who visits us can enjoy reading what we know about spiders too.

"Spiders have patterns for camouflage."
"Spiders can be on the floor and climb. They climb and stay on the wall. Spiders have 8 legs with four eyes or 8. Spiders make webs. Big spiders eat mice. Spiders go fast."

"Spiders eat flies and bees. And the spider makes a spider web and they live in webs and houses. Lots live in the ground."

"Spiders catch flies with their web. They spin their web at night."
"Spiders crawl fast. They live on their web."

I used these spiders from Sparklebox to write some interesting spider words on for us to read with our spider facts.

All that tricky accordion folding for the legs of our spiders was a great way to strengthen our fingers to get them ready for writing. 
These spiders make a great Halloween art and craft activity as well. 

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