Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Celebrating The Year of The Snake

The 10th February 2013 was the start of Chinese New Year, we celebrated it today for Discovery with some exciting Chinese themed art and craft activities and fun role-play too.
As it is the Year of the Snake and snakes are very clever the children showed their clever cutting skills by making these spinning spiral snakes. 

This blue snake took about 40 minutes of dedicated colouring to complete, that is amazing perseverance for a 5 year old.

Another snake art activity was rolling and stapling strips of paper to make paper chain snakes, this one was one of the longest. When we asked this clever clogs how long her snake was she proudly and carefully counted all 14 links.

Some children made these very cool Chinese dragon hobby horses (using some wooden rulers for the dragons body).

The children cut these paper lanterns. Although we are a few days early to celebrate the lantern festival (held this year on the 24th), these lanterns were fun and easy to make.

One popular activity was our Chinese Restaurant complete with chopsticks and imaginary Chinese food. You can see some of our dress-up clothes on the floor of our restaurant - you have to wear your best clothes when you go out somewhere special for dinner!

Although not Chinese themed, some children displayed amazing coordination using the unihoc gear to pass the ball to each other. I just had to take a photo.

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