Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Super Slithery Snakes

Did you know that snakes can change their clothes twice a year?

We didn't. But after we read this poem we worked out what the poet meant and looked at this You Tube clip of a snake shedding its skin. 

The children were fascinated to learn that our skin stretches and grows with us, but as a snake has scales, they need to shed their old skin as they grow bigger.
 We made these slithering snake pictures with pastel and dye resist. I love using pastels with my class, and with a bit of time the results are very effective. 

We tried to make our snake pictures bright and eye-catching. We discussed about not using black in our art and using our imagination to colour our snakes. We also looked at a selection of snake pictures to get different ideas that we could use.

I love the variety of colours, patterns, and snake shapes the children used.

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