Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Under the Sea 2013

J-Block children were busy selling tickets to visit the aquarium this morning for Discovery. Rocky and Ceena were temporarily relocated to Room 2, because, what's an aquarium without fish?

We watched this amazing aquarium video. 

We looked closely at different shells ....

... and sorted them.

We discovered that fish come in a variety of patterns and colours. We attached fishing line to our folding fish so they can swim in the breeze (or be caught for dinner!).

We blew bubbles for bubble art. Check out this post for how to make your own bubble art. Remember to blow, not drink!

We made paper plate whales and glued on whale facts on the back. Did you know that blue whales are the largest animal ever, even larger than the biggest known dinosaur.

These sea turtles are made from walnut shells and cardboard. Look at this careful cutting around the flippers.

We made these fingerprint fish, one fingerprint for the body and two for the tail. Check out some of our other fingerprint art; shamrock cards, thumb bunnies, hungry caterpillar wristbands, and autumn fingerprint trees. (Just scroll down if you need to.)

We coloured and labelled turtle diagrams.

 We followed these instructions and learned how to draw a fish.

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