Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Dinosaur Stomp

Dinosaurs were stomping and stamping in J-Block this morning. Check out our Dinosaur Discovery.

 Dinosaur eggs were carefully carried in our egg and spoon obstacle course. We discovered that dinosaurs hatched from eggs.

 We discovered that a stegosaurus has armoured spikes to protect it from predators.

 Totara Park Library was open and the librarians were busy issuing dinosaur books (and making important phone calls).

Dinosaur feet.

Dinosaur shadow puppets....

.... and puppet show.

Dinosaur finger puppets. 
Did you know? Some dinosaurs had two feet for walking on, and some had four.

Fossil digging, we discovered that people who dig up and study dinosaur fossils are called paleontologists.

We also enjoyed playing these Dinosaur Train games on the laptop computer and interactive whiteboard.

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