Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Space Discovery 2013

 Our space discovery session was lots of fun, and I was very pleased to see some new Mountaineers (our pre-school visitors) start their visits today. 

There is a huge amount to learn about space and unfortunately one discovery session is not enough to learn about all of it. 

So today we just discovered about a small part of space. Here are a few of our favourite activities.

We could blast off to outer space in colourful shape rockets. 
 The children wrote each letter of their name on a square. This clever child wrote his surname too!

 Once you reach the moon you can collect moon rocks or meteorites. 

 (Our meteorites are really river rocks covered in silver paint and plenty of glitter.)

 These toilet roll rockets have flames shooting out the bottom just like real rockets.

 Some children enjoyed sitting on a cushion to read our special space library books. 

We also enjoyed watching video clips on You Tube. Here are a couple of favourites:

(I love this song!)

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