Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Happy Matariki

 We celebrated Matariki today for our Discovery session. Matariki is a group of seven stars (the Pleiades) found in the winter sky just before dawn and signals the start of the Maori new year.

Check out my Matariki post from last year. 

We made happy matariki door hangers to hang on our doors at night.

We made Maori kites. Flying kites connects the land and the sky. Our kites won't be able to fly, but the children had a great time cutting flax to the correct lengths and stapling the flax onto a cardboard frame. This type of kite is our attempt at a Manu Taratahi design.

We made recycled poi from newspaper and a plastic bag. Wrap a ball of newspaper in a piece of plastic cut from a plastic bag, then tie on a piece of string.

We also watched some traditional Maori poi dances on the interactive whiteboard. This song is a classic!

We cut stars from sparkly playdough.

We stamped stars on black paper. Some children stamped just seven stars for the seven stars of Matariki, but this artist stamped a whole sky full.

We made tiki necklaces. This was one of the most popular activities, and they were worn all day!

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