Friday, 7 June 2013

Buzzing Bees

 Here is the start of something special ....

.... these gorgeous footprint bees.

 They are busy buzzing around our classroom. 

 We have been watching, reading, writing, and talking about honey-bees. 

We saw this amazing You Tube clip showing a queen bee laying eggs in her hive. The worker bees stroke and lick her while she lays the eggs. We found out that when the eggs turn into larvae the worker bees feed them honey and bee milk.

The Fat Bee Man showed us how bee-keepers get the honey out of the honeycomb. And we enjoyed taste testing two different types of honey - runny honey and creamed honey. 

We wrote these bee facts:
The bees make honey in the hive. Bees keep the honey in the honeycomb.

Bees make honey to feed the larvae.

The queen bee lays the eggs. The worker bees give the queen royal jelly.

The bee stings with his stinger. It really hurts.

First the bee is an egg and it turns into a larvae. It turns into a pupa and then it’s a bee!


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