Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Skip Counting Eggs

During their first year at school children are beginning to skip-count. Skip counting is the start of multiplying. This term we have been learning to skip count in 2's. 

Our birds nests with two eggs in each nest are helping us learn to skip count.

We made these beautiful marbled eggs with shaving cream! 

 Squirt enough shaving cream into your tray for your paper to cover.

Drop several blobs of paint on to shaving cream. We used two colours for each tray.

 Stir the paint and shaving cream together. We found that we needed to stir the mixture quite a bit, but not too much or it will blend into one colour instead of a marbled look.

Press the paper face down onto the shaving cream and paint. I used these printed eggs, but you could also marble plain pieces of paper then draw on a picture or just cut it up to use in other art work.

 Scrape off the shaving cream with a ice-block stick, and leave the print to dry.

We used lots of different blends of colours for our eggs. We found that you can get several prints from each tray of shaving cream. And as a bonus all of our eggs smell nice!

We have also been reading this cute poem about eggs.

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