Friday, 31 May 2013

Making Super Soup!

To celebrate the end of our healthy eating inquiry unit we made and ate (or tasted) this super soup full of vegetables. We have been learning about how we need lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and that we should eat a variety of 'brainfood' to help make our brains smart and our bodies strong.

The children enjoyed peeling and cutting the vegetables themselves. Our soup was full of celery, carrots, potato, pumpkin, kumara, onion, and one giant bacon hock. (I always partially cook pumpkin prior to cutting it up, this makes it much easier for children to peel and cut.)

We talked about how bacon comes from pigs, and where on the pigs body the hock comes from.
During the school year I try to provide lots of opportunities for the children to practise real-life skills, including the chance to safely use a knife.

We prepared the soup on Thursday and put it into the slow-cooker. I turned on the slow-cooker just before I left school late on Thursday afternoon, and our soup cooked slowly all night. When we arrived at school on Friday morning our classroom smelt delicious!

Just before lunchtime on Friday we each buttered and cut up a slice of bread to dip into our cup of soup. 

I encouraged all of the children to try at least a mouthful, some ate a whole cup of soup and two children even went back for second helpings. 

Check out our juice recipes with heaps of different of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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