Saturday, 25 May 2013

Catching Fish 2013

Can you guess who may be joining our class next week?
Here is a clue!

 So to make our new class-member feel welcome we created these textured hanging fish.

Using rubbings as part of our artwork is the start of a variety printmaking techniques we will be exploring this term. Last week we rubbed over corrugated cardboard as part of our autumn leaf art. For these fish we enjoyed the autumn sun and rubbed over concrete outside our classroom. 

How to make a hanging fish:

Choose any colour of crayon you want for the eyes, fins, and tails of your fish. Click here for a copy.

Then choose one colour to create scales for the fish. Put your fish over concrete and push the crayon on its side over the body of the fish.

Cut out and then dye the fish. We used warm and cool colours for our fish, if the scales were a warm colour, then the dye was a cool colour, and vise versa. 

I glued the fish to coloured card and hung them from the net in our classroom. 

We have also been reading this poem 'Once I Caught a Fish Alive'.

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