Monday, 27 May 2013

Welcome to Room 4 Rocky and Ceena

We were very excited today, our new class pets arrived after morning tea. A lovely mother has kindly donated all of the bits and pieces that we need (including the fish!) and given me a crash course in looking after them.

After much discussion and several interesting suggestions for names we decided on Rocky and Ceena. (I liked Larry and Barry!)

 Ceena Fish

Rocky Fish

Rocky and Ceena are settling in to their new home. We are going to look out for a little ornament for their tank to make a special place to for them to hide when it all gets a bit too much!

On a practical note - to encourage the children to care for Rocky and Ceena we have worked out a feeding schedule. 

As they don't need to be fed everyday we are going to use this amazing fish peg (made by the very clever teacher aide who works in my classroom) to peg next to each child's name written on this list. We just move the peg down the list so that everyone eventually gets a turn.
I used a permanent marker to write the names on after it was laminated. That way when children leave or join my classroom it is easy to update.

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