Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

Our Mountaineers had a great time celebrating Queen's Birthday for Discovery earlier today. The Queen turned 87 in April earlier this year, but we celebrate her birthday at the start of June.

 The Queen loves jewellery so we were busy making rings out of pipe cleaners and beads....

.... this was a good activity to practise our fine motor skills. 

We made paper flowers out of cupcake cases, a straw, and a button. This simple flower craft is fast to complete and we had some extremely colourful flowers. (Just remember to turn the cupcake cases inside out to you can see their colours and patterns easily.) 

Here is a smiley-face flower.

We made birthday cards. I love the flowers on this card.

We wrote shopping lists for party food, do you think The Queen would like a milo for her party?

We ordered Union Jack bunting.

 We wrote "Queen" words on the mini-chalk boards.

 We coloured, cut, and made our own crowns.

 We coloured Union Jack flags. I found these flags here.

 We made origami corgi dogs. Corgis are The Queen's favourite type of dog. Check out this post for more information about origami dogs.

Whew! What a busy session.

Did you know that you can send The Queen a card or letter? We try and do this every year and we always get an official reply on her behalf. Have a look at this website to find out how to contact The Queen.

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