Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Autumn Discovery 2013

 Autumn is a great time of year to get children thinking about the seasons and how each season is different from the others. Autumn brings with it colder weather, but beautiful Autumn leaves. Today we spent the morning thinking about and discovering about Autumn. 

During the week we have been 'leaf hunting' and collecting leaves to put aside for today's Discovery session.

 We created leaf rubbings with some of the leaves we collected.

 We used some of the large leaves to make leaf boats (and several leaf submarines). 

 We cut paper leaves and made miniature leaf books. This book has some sight words carefully recorded. Some children wrote the names of their friends or family members.

 We traced, cut, and finger painted Autumn trees.

 This is my favourite photo of today's session, these boys were working together to complete the activity.

At the start of each Discovery session we talk about being kind, sharing, and what we can do to be helpful, because some things are tricky for people to do own their own. These boys spent at least 20 minutes making an Autumn hand-print tree, every step was done together, including showing me the finished piece of art. I'm not sure what they were more pleased with - the artwork or the fact that they made it together.

 We also got out the wooden construction table to enjoy in the Autumn sunshine. Our school principal came over especially to teach some of our budding builders how to saw and hammer without losing a limb!
 Lots of beautiful apples are ready to eat in Autumn so we made apple prints with 1/2 an apple and a small green leaf.

But one very popular activity was using two different special apple cutting machines - 

 And eating the apples!

 This machine peeled, cored, and cut the apple. The children (and adults) were fascinated.


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