Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mother's Day 2013

With a very special day coming up this weekend we spent our first Discovery session of Term 2 discovering about our mums, what mums love, and how to show our mothers that we love them. 

Here are a few of the activities we enjoyed:

 Mums love flowers, so we made these simple hand-print lilies with white paper and pipe-cleaners. 

Cutting activities for Discovery encourage the children to use scissors to cut meaningfully. Knowing where your thumb and fingers go when holding scissors, how to open and close them, and how to hold what you are cutting in your other hand is something that seems to come automatically to adults, but may need to be explicitly taught and modelled to children. 
Your child can cut strips of paper into squares, cut along straight and wavy lines,or cut around shapes and pictures. They can cut paper, card, ribbon, or pieces of material. Using scissors that are the correct size for makes it all a little bit easier too and are worthwhile to purchase. Left-handed children may prefer left-handed scissors, or they may develop a technique that allows for right-handed scissors.

 To show that we love our mum, we screwed up small pieces of tissue and made a colourful heart collage.

 Mums love clothes (well my mum does), so we made paper dolls and dressed them in dresses using different patterned material. I love the happy faces and hair on the mothers in the second picture.

 Mums love jewellery, so we made beautiful flower bracelets, this bracelet is being modelled by the mother of one of our mountaineers. 

 One Mother's Day you can give a card to your mother, so we wrote cards to our mums.

Happy Mother's Day!

 Have a look at what we did this time last year for Mother's Day.

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