Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Puppet Discovery 2013

We transformed our classrooms into several puppet theatres for Discovery today. Some children loved performing,while others preferred to be an appreciative audience.

 One of the most popular puppets shows performed by the children was the shadow threatre. I think we have a ghost and a puppy performing in this show. The children traced their puppet onto card, cut it out, and used a wooden skewer for the handle.

 One of our junior school teachers has a huge collection of finger and glove puppets, including this Cat in the Hat and snapping crocodile.

 We encouraged the children to make their own puppets, I love the expressions on the faces of these spoon puppets.

These easy octopus puppets are made with a paper plate and crepe paper streamers, they are decorated with a collage of tissue paper and glitter. You can sellotape the bottom of the paper plate to the back of the puppet as a handle.

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