Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Talk Like a Robot

We practised talking like a robot today for Discovery. Here are a few of our robot activities:

Robot masks, these were perfect to practise our cutting skills with. At the end of our Discovery session we talked about how it was great to see children working together and helping each other cut out the eyes of the mask. It is always nice to see children teaching others. That's one of my favourite things about Discovery, the children have the opportunity to develop cooperative skills.

 Amazing robot construction with reused boxes and drink bottle lids.

 Terrific robot collage, I love how this robot is wearing boots on her (3) legs.

 Using the ipad to feed a furby. This furby was bought in by one of the children in my class for us to discover about.

 Magnets and what they attract or don't attract.

And, these fantastic colourful robots with long stretchy paper arms and legs. Colouring, cutting, and using little fingers to fold paper are all excellent fine-motor skills that we like to support during Discovery. This activity also took a little while and involved several steps. I was very impressed to see children persevering and staying on-task to complete their robot.

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