Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles


 Look at this amazing 'name train' created by one of our Mountaineers (a pre-school visitor). I think she did a great job completing each of the different steps, cutting first, then arranging, and finally gluing, and beneath those boxes she wrote her name - one letter for each carriage.


Paper planes made for lots of gliding flying fun, which continued during morning tea. (At least our Principal won't have to go up on the roof to retrieve these planes, unlike the many balls and frisbees he gets down for us.)

 I love these peg planes, we used permanent marker to colour our pegs, but if you have enough time you could also paint them.

and Automobiles....

 Careful cutting and folding practise helped to make these cute paper cars.

 Making tyre tracks with paint. We put the paper in a shallow cardboard box to contain any mess.

 The children enjoyed driving box cars around our chalk road outside J-Block.

 And my favourite, check out these brand new scooters that were ridden non-stop for all of our discovery session. We were lucky enough to be able to purchase 3 scooters for the children in J-Block to ride during Golden Time and Discovery.

I was very pleased to observe the children taking turns using the scooters, asking politely for a go, and waiting patiently for their turn to start. They were actively practising some of our school values - cooperation and inclusiveness. These values are not something that always comes naturally to 5 year olds, but are attitudes that we continuously promote and model during our school day.

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