Friday, 13 September 2013

Floating and Sinking

As part of our inquiry we have been busy investigating what can float and what can sink. 
The Cookie Monster showed us how to perform a scientific experiment. (This clip is interactive and the children loved it.)

We followed the 'Scientific Method' just like real scientists.

We asked a question:
"Will it float or sink?" 

We made a hypothesis:
"I think it will ....."

We tested out hypothesis by putting the items in a container of water. 

And we observed what happened.

We found out that lemons can float, but a bouncy ball sinks. We found that a wooden peg floats and so does cork. We found that a stone and a marble will sink, but pumice floats.

The children will be using this knowledge to make a toy boat, if we know what floats hopefully our boats will too!

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