Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Early last week our senior school buddies came to visit us for some bubble blowing fun. 

After they left we sat down to write about our bubble blowing experience.

My bubbles went over the fence. I blew them myself.

I blew bubbles then I popped them.

I blew big bubbles. They went over the fence.

My bubbles floated away, then they popped.

And later in the week we made bubble art. 

Bubble art is easy, although messy! I mixed some bubble mixture and dye in a cup, and put that cup in an empty ice-cream container to contain any overflow. We used straws to blow up lots of bubbles before popping them with a piece of paper on the top of the cup. 

We have also been reading this bubble poem.

I make my own bubble mixture, it is much cheaper than buying it ready made. 
In a big bottle mix:
1.7 L of water
.3L of cheap dish-washing liquid
2 tablespoons of glycerine (from the pharmacy)
If you can leave the bubble mixture for a few days before using it, it seems work better.

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