Sunday, 9 February 2014

Watermelon Art

Welcome back! School has started for 2014 and we have been very busy in Room 4; learning routines, practising games, writing, reading, singing, counting, playing, and making art. Luckily at the start of the year I have a very small class, only 10 children. This means that I can spend lots of one-on-one time with each child in my class, which I really enjoy. 

With lots of children starting school with us during this term I will have about 15 children by the end of February, so it is important now that I focus on establishing routines and expectations that all the children understand about how my classroom is going to work. As the year goes on older children in my class are able to show our pre-school visitors and other children new to school how things work in Room 4. This makes life easier for me and gives the children a feeling of responsibility and an opportunity to show leadership.

 This week we made watermelon out of paper plates and coloured paper. Sadly, they don't taste as nice as the real slices of watermelon that we ate and wrote about at the start of the week.


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