Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Mad Scientists
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For Discovery today our Mountaineers turned into mad scientists and spent the session experimenting.

Floating and sinking oranges, We discovered that unpeeled oranges float better than peeled ones.

Heat reactions with popcorn, we discovered that heat makes the popcorn kernels explode into popcorn. One boy said "It's like a popcorn volcano". (We used polystyrene cups decorated with crayons to hold our popcorn.)

Musical jars, we discovered that different levels of water in the jar made different musical sounds.

Oil and water mixing, We discovered that the oil always floated to the top even after lots of shaking.

Fizzy lemonade, we discovered that when you added a little baking soda to the lemonade it fizzed. Just like lemonade you buy in the shop.

We have talked a lot about acting with integrity. I have been encouraging my class to think for themselves and do the right thing even if it is hard. So it was great to see children taking responsibility for their own learning during our Discovery session. They were making sure they went to each experiment to discover something special about it, just like a real scientist. I really enjoyed talking with children about what they had found out and hopefully they can go home and talk about their discoveries with Mum and Dad too. 

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