Friday, 29 June 2012

Popcorn Explosion

We had a great time this week looking at what happens when you heat popcorn kernels. 

They explode everywhere!

Here are some of our stories about our popcorn explosion experience:
I made popcorn. It was crunchy and yummy. Pop, pop, pop. It exploded like fireworks on to the carpet.

I sat back because it exploded everywhere. And it tasted not very buttery. I saw it explode into popcorn.

The popcorn popped onto the table mat. I stood up because there was lots of popcorn on the blue carpet too.

I ate fake popcorn, because it didn’t taste like anything. When I ate the fake popcorn it was cold.

I made popcorn with my class. It popped on the mat. We all thought it wouldn’t go on the mat.

  We have been reading this Popcorn poem and we also enjoyed finger-painting (some children preferred to use a paint brush) with yellow and white paint to make giant popcorn to display with our stories.

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