Friday, 1 June 2012

Clowning Around

Guess who came to visit?
Here is a clue:

Ronald McDonald came to visit us today to talk to us about keeping ourselves safe on the road. His road safety tips included-
  • Making your seat-belt click.
  • Stopping, looking, and listening at sneaky driveways and when crossing the road.
  • Listening to the road patrollers at crossings.
  • And walking on the house side of the footpath. 

After his visit we made clown hats.
The children enjoyed the opportunity to peel and stick lots of foam stickers onto their hat to decorate it. Peeling and sticking encouraged careful hand-eye coordination and allowed the children to practice their fine motor skills and strengthen their fingers, the same fingers we use for holding a pencil to write with.

We finished with a pompom on top and painted our noses red - just like real clowns.  

We have been reading a funny clown poem all week. We are experts at reading our poem and acting it out too. 

We glue copies of our weekly poems into the homework books. That way the children can share their poems with their families at home.

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