Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Our Celebration for the Queen

We celebrated the Queen's birthday and diamond jubilee at Discovery this week. Our Mountaineers and children from the local kindy (who joined us for a visit) had a great time learning about the Queen and her family, the Union Jack, and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee - 60 years since she became queen.

We wrapped up boxes as pretend presents. I printed these present wrapping instructions from Sparklebox. I loved our kiwiana wrapping paper and bought it especially for the Queen to enjoy (We will write a letter to the Queen later this week and I will take photos of our presents to include).

 We discovered that the Queen wears a crown, so we made crowns with foam shapes and sparkly bits. Some of my class wore their crowns for the rest of the day.

We coloured in the Union Jack, this child is only four - I think he did an amazing job! We also hung numbered Union Jack Flag bunting on ribbon.

We coloured in birthday cards for the Queen.

We made paper flowers with straws, paper, and pompoms, because the Queen loves to get flowers. I was encouraged to see some very careful cutting. Cutting is a skill that we try to practice at our Mountaineers sessions. Cutting basic shapes to make different art or craft gives children the opportunity to follow simple instructions. "Cut this and then....."
Check out the 'Carrot Tree' we made for the Easter Bunny.

We folded paper to make origami dogs, we discovered that the Queen loves corgis. I used these instructions.

We had an imaginary birthday party for the Queen, including birthday cups of pretend tea.

It was fantastic to have Totara Park Kindergarten visit us. My class really enjoyed seeing their old friends from kindy and loved the opportunity to show the younger children their classroom and all of the cool things they have done at school.

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