Thursday, 10 May 2012

Autumn Leaf Art

With all of the beautiful Autumn leaves around at the moment I was inspired to attempt some Autumn Leaf Art.

We went on a leaf hunt looking carefully at the warm colours of the leaves, and studying the shapes of the different leaves we found. We also spent time talking about warm and cool colours. Warm colours are 'fire' colours; red, orange, brown, and yellow. Cool colours are 'water' colours; blue, green, and purple.

Back in the classroom the children selected a leaf shape that I had cut from cardboard earlier. They used this leaf as a stencil to trace around with pencil.

 The children carefully drew veins on the leaf.

Then they went over their leaf outline with a warm colour of crayon. 

Using a piece of corrugated card under their paper they rubbed with the crayon over the leaf to create texture on their artwork.

Now - thinking about what they had learned about warm colours they chose a warm colour of dye and carefully painted over the leaf with the dye.

When the leaf was dry they chose a cool colour dye and painted their background.

I hung up our beautiful leaf art with these Autumn words from Sparklebox.

We have also been reading this sweet Autumn poem.

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