Friday, 11 May 2012

Mother's Day

For our Mother's Day Discovery session we were very busy creating a lot of Mother's Day crafts and activities; certificates for Mum, Mother's Day cards,dressing up like Mum, cafe and cooking role-play, brown sugar body scrub, letter 'm' paper mosaics, glittery-love-heart pegs, and cup-cake liner paper flowers.

I love peg-craft, 
cutting+glue+pegs+glitter=perfect craft activity!

Some children went home with a fistful for gifts for Mum (hopefully some lasted until Sunday).

The following day we had some great writing about our Discovery activities.

I made a flower for Mum. She put it in her vase. 

I made a flower for my Mum. Mum will love it.
I made a card for Mum.

The children's writing was so sweet that I typed them up for the children to illustrate, and made a book for them to read together in our reading corner. I think it is really important to value and share children's writing and I try to show this by publishing our stories. I always photocopy the children's finished published work and send a copy home for Mum and Dad to read too.

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