Friday, 25 May 2012

Teddy Bear Cars

My lovely class have been working really hard lately - learning their letters and letter sounds, counting and number recognition, reading and writing, and of course learning our classroom routines and school manners (it's no wonder they are worn out by 3.00pm). As a special treat in recognition of this hard work we brought our teddies and soft toys along to school for a teddy bears' picnic and I made these super cute teddy bear cars.

To make the cars; stuff a Tiny Teddy cookie into a mini Moro or Milky Way bar, melt a little chocolate and use it to attach four chocolate Pebbles or M&Ms to the side of the car for the wheels. (I had to cut the legs off some of my teddies and use the chocolate to glue the head of the teddy to some mini dairy milk chocolate cars - they were running low on mini-chocolate bars at the dairy!) 

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