Monday, 4 March 2013

Bubbles on My Shoulders

Bubbles on my shoulders
Bubbles on my knee
Bubbles on the top of my head
For all the world to see. 
 Cherissa Buehler

We had a fantastic time earlier last week blowing bubbles with our S-Block buddies. After our bubble blowing excitement we wrote these stories:

'I blew a bubble and the bubble was little. Then I blew a big one.'

'I blew a bubble as big as my head.'

'I stomped on the bubbles. It was fun.'

'I blew a big bubble and (my friend) ran to the bubble and her finger got near the bubble. It popped, but (my friend) didn't give up.'

'I blew 100 bubbles with my buddy'

On Friday we made bubble art; easy peasy with dye, bubble mixture, and straws. Put the cup with the bubble mixture and dye in an ice-cream container to hold any bubble overflow.

The children had to practise blowing through the straw rather than sucking. (I didn't want any strangely coloured tongues!) 

When you have enough bubbles above your cup take out the straw and push a piece of paper onto the bubbles to pop them.
We used small pieces of paper which I later cut into circles for our bubble display. You could also use a larger piece to get lots of different bubble colours on.

I displayed our bubble art with a plastic glove stuffed with tissues holding a pretend bubble wand made out of tinfoil.

We have also been reading this poem.

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