Monday, 11 March 2013

Teddy Bear Art

Round and round the garden like a teddy bear. One step, two step, tickle you under there!

 Our wax crayon and dye resist teddies were reasonably quick to make and look like they are having lots of fun playing in their garden.

Colouring in may seem like a simple task but allows the children to practise lots of important skills. Hand-eye coordination, a tripod pencil (or crayon) grip, pencil (or crayon) control, eye tracking, and perseverance - staying on task for an extended amount of time. By the time the teddies were coloured in completely it was at least 15 minutes of hard work! A long time when you are new to school.

 I wanted the children to only use one crayon colour, but it could be any colour they wanted, and only one colour of dye, again it could be any colour they wanted. That way we had a huge variety of two-toned teddy bears. The children enjoyed experimenting with contrasting colours and choosing combinations that no one else had used. 
When I have a dye activity with 5 year old children I encourage them to push the puddles of dye around with their brush, and I only allow two children at a time to use the dye under supervision. This way you avoid art ruined by too much dye and giant puddles spread all over the floor.

I displayed our teddies with some fake flowers and the words of the rhyme we have been learning all week. We had lots of fun learning the rhyme and tickling each other. Click here for a copy.

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