Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Capital E Arts Festival

Look at what came to take us into Wellington ....

A red double-decker bus, we were super lucky and got to sit on the top deck all the way into town. 

When we arrived we were off to see The Man the Sea Saw by Wolfe Bowart in The Opera House.

Then a quick morning tea in the Wellington sun ....

 .... and we were off to a showing of Like It or Loop It with Adam Page, the kids were standing up and dancing in front of their seats.

After lunch we headed to Reading Cinemas to see Mini-Sized Square Eyes, a collection of funny short films aimed at children. The children were even spontaneously clapping at the end of some of the films!

Here are some of the short films we saw that I managed to hunt down on You Tube.

Ormie the Pig



On the way home I counted 4 children asleep on the bus and many more drooping heads, they were worn out after a fantastic day of shows.
If you ever get the opportunity to see these shows or others at the Capital E Arts Festival I would take it, they are amazing and very entertaining.

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