Monday, 19 March 2012

Heart Art

As part of looking at shapes and their attributes we created these gorgeous mixed media Heart Art. Thanks to this website for the idea.

We had a great time selecting colours for our artwork and carefully drawing around the heart to fill up our paper.

When we have time I plan to show the children how to make paper-chain hearts and thread them onto string to hang with our beautiful artwork.

As part of children's inspiration for this art work we have been reading this poem about hearts during the week. One great thing I liked about this particular poem and one of the main reasons I choose to read it was the fact that it repeats the same important sight words (sight words are the most common words we read and write and children learn these by remembering what they look like - hence being called 'sight words'). The other reason I choose it was because its repetition makes it easier for my beginning readers to read or remember it. I also used little clip-art pictures to illustrate each line to help give clues as to what the words say.

See my post about our Circle Teddy Bear Faces, and our Abstract Shape Collages for more shape art activities that we have enjoyed.

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